sweet peas

As our winter starts to fade and spring is shaking out her prettiest dress ready for her grand entrance, in my garden the sweet pea seedlings are heading skywards with all the determination and zeal that I admire in these delicate plants.
Every hour they seem to have climbed further upwards, entwining themselves elegantly but tenaciously around their wire frame. I examine them each day, impatiently waiting for that very first bud to unfurl and release its tissue-like petals and delicious perfume.
Sweet peas are old-fashioned and charming. I really like that about them. I love making them to decorate my cakes and have decided that, if it came to it, I’d happily be re-employed as a sweet pea tendril-maker. I twirl, twirl, twirl the tendrils, this way and that, as dreamily as a young girl twisting her hair around her fingers, each tendril different from the last.
In this wedding cake for Miss L and Mr A I have included ivory roses and rosebuds with pink and blue sweet peas to capture the freshness of spring.

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