royal cakes & royal icing

Miss Z & Mr S have kindly asked me to make their wedding cake.
Miss Z’s grandfather was a baker and she grew up eating the very best fruit cakes on family occasions. For their wedding, the couple have chosen tiered, fragrant fruit cakes which bring back such happy memories.
Today I will macerate the dried fruits for their cake so they will be juicy and plump in preparation for baking next weekend.
My fruit cakes are based on Eddie Spence MBE’s recipe.¬†Eddie has been part of the finest English cake decorating traditions for over 50 years and his renowned royal icing skills earned him the opportunity to work on Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer’s wedding cake and Her Majesty the Queen & Prince Philip’s golden wedding anniversary cake.
Sadly, the art of piping in royal icing is no longer in demand. But there are few things more soothing than to sit at my table in front of the window, watching the wind in the trees, creating fine, lacy designs in sugar.

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