for Doreen

My friend R lost her mum Doreen to cancer this past year.

When I first knew R she told me about her love for jam drops and how her mum made the best jam drops in the whole world.  One day I baked R some jam drops which she said were delicious but they weren’t hard and crunchy like her mum’s. R likes her jam drops crunchy. I puzzled about what was in Doreen’s jam drops that brought my friend such pleasure. Of course, it was love. And probably some cornflour. jam drops cookies

To my dear friend R, Doreen will always make the best jam drops in the world. That’s just as it should be. But I have made you another batch, hoping they are crunchier, in memory of Doreen, and the love of a daughter for her mum and her jam drops.

jam drops cookies

jam drops cookies

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