cake girl finds Cake Girl

It was serendipity that I found Cake Girl. There she was, staring back at me from my computer screen with that purposeful yet wistful look, probably day dreaming about cakes and bluebirds and other things that make her heart skip. I know about these things.

Cake Girl was hanging in a light-filled studio in Virginia, half way round the world. She’s the creation of Kaarin Nelson, a working artist with a home studio, two children, twelve chickens, a large yellow puppy, a pushy rabbit and a very patient husband. Kaarin says she hopes her paintings express the joy she feels about doing what she loves. They do.

Cake Girl now keeps me company when I bake and the lives of two women – an artist and a baker – are  linked by the joy they both feel about doing what they love.

To view Kaarin’s work visit Kaarin Nelson.

PS Kaarin, all your lovely family, friends and supporters are welcome to visit me in Australia. Let me know when you are coming and I’ll bake us all a special cake!

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