brown paper packages tied up with string…

Parcels arriving by post. Definitely one of my favourite things.
My friend C in Canberra was lamenting the demise of the shop around the corner – her local bookshop. Whilst we are both avid readers, C still buys her books from the bookshop whereas I buy all of mine online nowadays. Indeed, I have for some time. One of the consequences of this has been the return of the simple pleasure of receiving a parcel in the post.
I love getting parcels. Even though I know what’s in them (after all, it’s only me that’s sending me things), there’s a giddy delight I feel when I come through the gate to find a small, brown package quietly waiting for me on the doorstep. I hurriedly turn the key in the front door, pop the kettle on and reach for a pair of scissors.

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