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Your wedding cake is the most special cake in your life so it deserves to be made with all the love, attention and special ingredients the occasion deserves.

I approach baking like an artisan, bringing the romance of the kitchen garden and the hedgerow to the creation of my cakes, sourcing the best, seasonal ingredients, mixing cakes by hand in vintage baking bowls with home-made wooden spoons. Cakes with flavours like raspberry & rose, fig & violet, elderflower & strawberry, lemon & lavender, dark chocolate & cumquat and filled with homemade curds, preserves and organic buttercreams.

My cakes are either ‘naked’ or finished with a light dusting of icing sugar, freshly made soft frostings, buttercreams or couverture chocolate ganaches (no fondant icing), and simply decorated with the edible flowers I organically grow in my postage-­stamp sized garden and allotment.

What’s in my cakes?  I use organic and seasonal, local produce in my cakes. When I’m commissioned to make a cake in another country, I make it my business to seek out local producers to ensure my commitment to the best ingredients.

This is what I do…I hope you like it. x

Gillian Bell

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