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Aprons. Pinafores. I love them. Particularly when they are freshly pressed and starched. I wear them all the time at home and would not even think to start baking without a fresh pinny on. Depending on what I’m making, and the day, and my mood, and what I’m wearing – I make my selection. I always wear a proper chef’s black apron when I’m working with dark chocolate as chocolate stains terribly. Here I am in my latest acquisition. It’s made from vintage embroidered tablecloths with a crocheted edging in violet. It was handmade by Robin, one of the artisan apron makers I have come to ‘know’ from my favourite land of Etsy. It’s perfect for the lemon and lavender cake I’m baking which I’ll serve this afternoon on china plates with matching teacups to cheer us all!


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